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Analyze and scan the market with the first statistical Trading Software on Commodities, Stocks and Indices

Improve your strategies with 30 years of statistical data

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Be guided by history with 20 years of data!

Learn from the past and replicate your strategies as if you were actually trading. Thanks to a simple and clean interface, ScarrCharts charts will make your technical analysis a breeze.

  • Futures Chart: Integrated charts allow you to analyze the individual commodities as well as spreads. You choose what to display, which indicators and oscillators to add.
  • Stocks Chart: Integrated charts allow you to analyze the underlyings of stocks, ETF and indices. You choose what to display, which indicators and oscillators to add.
  • Calculator: Check the profitability of your strategies with a backtest on over 30 years of seasonal data.
  • Heatmap: Scan the market to find the best time of the season.

Trade Scanner

Scan the market in moments and find the best strategies thanks to ScarrCharts algorithm. Set your favorite parameters among the many available (such as commodity, RRR) and get only the strategies that best suit your needs.

Open Spread

Open Spread charts show the next years' worth of open contracts (spreads). They show which contracts are in backwardation and which are in contango and if any of these relationships have changed. This is helpful for finding spread opportunities as well for determining the best month for an outright position.

Trade Maps

Trade Maps allows you to select the best period for buying or selling through, through a color scale recognizable at a glance.

  • Red color: low profitability for purchase operations.
  • Green color: high profitability for purchase operations.


Scarr Charts is only available to Scarr Visual Trading customers.

Once the purchase is finalised, you will get instant access to Scarr Visual Trading and access to Scarr Charts within the next 24 hours.

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The beginning

Dan Scarr has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Physics from Old Dominion University in Virginia, and an M.S. in Math Modeling from Humboldt State University in California.

He brought this education and experience to study the futures market and began writing programs which have greatly helped himself and other traders in trading spreads and outright positions.

Scarr Visual Trading was born to provide sound, accurate studies and charts for the analysis of the futures market, because back in 1994 the market lacked such resources.

"For those who have already accepted the discipline of trading based on fundamental relationships across contract months and among commodities, Scarr Visual Trading might be all they need." Futures Magazine - April 2005, Software Review

The future

Thanks to a new partnership with T-Sniper Ltd we can now provide even better charting and service to our customers backed up by +20 years of experience on the markets and high-quality market data provided by Barchart.